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Music Appreciation

Five chords in and you already know the song. You know the next four words and immediately think of that person with whom you want to be singing along. The lyrics and rhythm seize control of your mind and all you can focus on for the next three and a half minutes is the way it flows. This effect is exactly why music is considered therapy. It has the power to make you forget your concerns and even help you address them to move forward. For me, finding the right song for my mood and the vibe around me is extremely important. Music is always the answer. Warm and sunny drive? Country radio should do. Cold, wintery night? Maybe try some Frank Sinatra. Regardless of your preferences, there is a music genre for you. Its versatility and ability to please every person is why I think music is so fascinating.

Similarly, I think it is amazing how something so simple as a few notes played on the piano accompanied by poetic words can make you feel seen, without you having to say a single word. When you find that song that speaks to you, you feel as though you are the only person for whom it was written. From a communication perspective, this feeling that you get is evidence of an artist who is well aware of their audience. They are masters in their craft. For this reason, music artists possess the power to install change in society and people. After watching Bohemian Rhapsody for the fifth time, I finally realized my obsession with the film. Besides the fact that it contains some of my favorite songs of all time, I find that I am more enamored by the artistic minds that made up Queen.

By putting their thoughts and feelings into words, they found people who could relate to them. These people became their fans and, by no surprise, a lot of people connected to the idea of being an outcast. One of my favorite lines from the movie that I think speaks to the truth about music’s ability to bring people of similar minds together is when Rami Malek (Freddie) explains that Queen is different from other bands because “[they’re] four misfits who don’t belong together, … playing for other misfits… [because they’re] pretty sure they don’t belong either.” He insists that through the emotions communicated in their songs, Queen is able to find like-minded people.

The same relationship holds true for other music groups. If you have ever been to a concert, then chances are you were surrounded by people who were just like you. Why is this? Music speaks to us and even though we all can hear it, not all understand it the same way. Some find your tastes in music distasteful; that doesn’t make the songs any less impactful for you. When we choose to design our own playlists, we hold the power and the answer to our problems. We put the headphones in our ears and go to a place where we know we will be understood.

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