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Self Expression Through Art

Different people write and make art for different reasons. Sometimes it’s an escape, and other times it’s to express an idea. Some people create without ever planning on sharing their creation with others. This can stem from the use of artistic activities as a de-stressing mechanism or other individual exercise. Even so, art, either written, musical, or visual, is an incredible form of expression and can allow the maker to share ideas in a clear and almost experiential way as opposed to direct or conversational.

There is “a wonderful freedom in sharing your talent so that other people can enjoy it” ( This is true in almost every aspect of life; people feel good about others appreciating what they do and enjoying what they’ve made. Aside from this, I think another important reason and reward for sharing your work with others is it can allow you to express what you’ve held on the inside; it provides an avenue through which ideas and feelings that go unsaid or unexposed can flow through to be experienced by another.

Artists can share their work in many different manners. Sometimes all it may be is sharing a new work with a close friend or family member, but other times it can be in a pop-up gallery or on a small stage, speaking out words once only read by the writer. No matter how it is done, sharing your artistic work with others is a significant aspect of the artistic process. In some ways, it can be the culmination of the work—the final conveyance of the idea and connection to others.

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