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The Most Fashionable Season

If you’ve ever gone trick-or-treating, then chances are you’ve seen a couple Disney Princesses roaming around. I’ll shamelessly admit, I was one of those bedazzled individuals. In fact, as my family photo album as my witness, I was perhaps the Disney store’s most favorite customer. I had the dress, the tiara, and of course, the shoes to match. Just like the next little girl, my younger self was bursting with excitement on Halloween night when I got to become my favorite princess.

If you think about it, Halloween night is perhaps one of the biggest fashion events of the year. Everyone looks forward to seeing how you pulled yourself together and what costume you chose. You get to express yourself in ways that you ordinarily wouldn’t. For some reason, unbeknown to me, that night and the parties alongside it form an exception for our insecurities. You’ve never seen people so bold, confident, and for the most part out of character; I love it. The creativity that Halloween sparks is contagious; people start carving pumpkins and make it a game of sorts to create the creepiest, cute, or all-around most marvelous masterpiece that they can imagine.

While some may say that Halloween has become too commercialized of a holiday, I suggest that perhaps they are confusing the greater levels of excitement and creativity that the holiday has evoked in recent years. After all, the people are fueling the market; they are asking for more pumpkins, more lights, and more costumes. Although their masks and makeup may hide the everyday person, they also showcase the individual’s imagination. Embracing the opportunity, people are free to think without limits and to be whatever they want for one night.

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