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It's October, which means that it is the beginning of InkTober. InkTober is a month long art challenge that allows for artist to produce creative works and improve drawing skills throughout the month of October. The challenge was created by Jake Parker and any artist is encouraged to participate and post their works online. You don’t have to be a high class artist to participate, you can just do it for fun.

I am a part of the Studio 72 Living Learning Community, which is an LLC for anyone interested in art. Studio 72 allows for open creativity for students and any art they want to produce. Here are some of the works to celebrate.

Day 1: Ring

Done by James Kiscaden

Done by Ishraqobamaniqua Quasem

Done by Courtney Bailey

Done by Diana Manu

Done by Genovi Jones

What’s great about these prompts is that it’s up to the artists interpretation of the word

given and how they want to draw it. It’s a great way to express creativity and any artist of any

skill level is encouraged to join; it's not too late! The official list is not the only one. There are

plenty of Inktober list to follow. Here’s a few more:

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