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Visiting Authors This Week

This week Virginia Tech students have the opportunity to attend poetry readings and sit in on author presentations right on campus!


We have both Laura Eve Engel and Rebecca Morgan Frank reading their poetry in Shanks 370/380 at 4:00 pm.

Laura Eve Engel recently published her book, Things That Go, in December. This novella is a collection of poems that implore the idea of an ever changing society, and that while we may adapt and advance, as people we still face timeless, internal crises. She has penned a number of other poems as well, and is also a musician that can be caught at various venues around Virginia.

Rebecca Morgan Frank is native to Charlottesville, Virginia. She has published multiple novels, her most recent being Sometimes We’re All Living in a Foreign Country; her poetry has appeared in a number of popular publications, including The New Yorker, American Poetry Review, and she has received awards as both an author and a professor.


Zadie Smith will be presenting at Moss Arts Center at 7:30- tickets can still be bought on the Moss website. Smith published her first novel, White Teeth, almost two decades ago. Her most recent novel, titled The Fraud, however was published in 2019. In addition to novels, she has also contributed to screenplays. Smith has been awarded for her contribution to the realist movement. There is no doubt that this is not an event you will want to miss.


Melissa Stein brings out beautifully disturbing imagery in her poetry collections, Terrible Blooms and Rough Honey. Her award-winning works have appeared in other journals and anthologies as well. She carries a unique, yet captivating take on common themes, like nature. Catch her at Shanks 370/380 at 7:00 pm and let her expressions crawl under your skin and into your heart.

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