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Sharing Your Work

For me, whenever I write any piece of work, I tend to not share what I have created. One reason for this is because when I write a poem, for instance, I usually only do so when I am in a certain mood. I turn on my “tears” playlist on Spotify and type away. Am I the only one who does this? Sometimes I journal about my day or about something that has been bothering me which is usually quite cathartic. So, any type of creative work I do is usually only seen by me...until now. Here is a poem I wrote a while back. There are layers, so interpret it as you like!


Filled to the top with water

Just about to spill over, making a concave shape

Slowly, but surely, the water escapes

Holes appear and cannot be repaired

Water flows

Like a stream down a mountain

He watches

Hands behind his back

Mouth sewn shut with his own thread

As the last drop leaves the barrel

A faint sound is heard

As if a woman took her last breath

A single tear rolls down his face as he walks away

Leaving a trail

From his water soaked shoes.

Empty, not a drop of water in sight

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