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Ring Premiere

A friend asked if I wanted to go to the reveal show of our class ring of 2020. I really didn’t, but I wanted to go to McDonalds and I didn’t want to go on a bus. There was also the prospect of a free T-shirt which unfortunately was left to the end of the show and half a mile away at Squires. Upon entering the building and suffering through awkward military formalities and not so eloquent introductions of people of whom I had no idea existed (I forgot class presidents were a thing), I was really starting to regret the visit. However, as time went on, I started to warm up to the stiltedness of the show. I especially liked Professor Giovanni’s presence. Her intro video was giving me feels. Her speech, though somewhat disjointed, was charming and amusing. I quite enjoyed that part. As for the ring reveal itself, I guess it’s okay. I’m not into ring wear unless it gives me some kind of superpower, but the designs were nice. The main ring though is absurdly detailed. I’m not sure how it is for other classes or other years, but the sheer amount of microscopic etchings on the ring blew me away. Coach Fuente is on it was well as Skipper and good ol’ Growley, the Core of Cadet’s Ambassadorial doggo. The eclipse from last year is on it. The opening notes to Enter Sandman is on it. A horse on a treadmill is on it. A hammock is on it. Loads of things are on it. The class motto by the way is De Eodem Saxo or “From the same stone.” That too is of course on it. Ironically, I suppose it’s a practical ring. It pretty much sums up a lot about not just 2020’s class experience, but any Hokie’s experience. My favorite moment of the night, however was when after the show ended, all one thousand or so of 2020 Hokies immediately stood up and ran across the Drill Field for our shirts. My friend was planning on doing cardio that evening, but he didn’t need to once we got to Squires. I don’t know if I’ll buy a ring or not, but the event made me think about my time here at Tech. All the lows and highs. There’s not much time for my class and soon for freshman and sophomores, that will be true too. Remember your time here and look toward to what’s left.

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