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Blood Drives

Donating blood is daunting. It’s like riding roller coasters. Even if you done it a hundred times, you’re still going to be nervous (or maybe that’s just me). Donation is a generally good thing to do. You get a relatively comprehensive health check, free snacks and memorabilia, and you “save” lives. I also just learned that you apparently burn something like a thousand calories regenerating the blood lost from the donation. So, it even helps take off some weight. For me, though, I did it the first time just to find out my blood type, which was just cause some girl I liked asked and was into blood-type personality pseudoscience. Now I know my blood type (A+) but that girl is no longer a thing. At least I’m helping people. There isn’t really any harm in doing it except that you will forever be pestered with phone calls and emails guilt tripping you to do it and you won’t be able to get plastered the day before. Other than that, and a little discomfort, it’s harmless. Though, sometimes, I wonder what they might be doing with my blood. Sure, there’s blood transfusions and medical research, but you never know. What if the government or some corporation is using your blood for some obscene, unnatural experiment to revive Steve Jobs or Bob Marley? I guess even that wouldn’t be such a terrible thing either. So, if you are feeling altruistic, or you just want free stuff, or you want to potentially help in the revival of some famous dead person, keep an eye out for one of the blood vans on campus. Or if you have already donated, stop ignoring their calls and make an appointment. There’s nothing to fear about donating blood. Just watch out for fangs.

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