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Artist Spotlight: Geo Min

The word “photography” has Greek roots that translate to “drawing with light”. It amazes me how vividly you can capture an experience by simply clicking the button of a device, seizing the exact moment an image is created because of light.

Geo Min has captured some astonishing images, where landscape is the main focus. He says it’s a good feeling to capture something beautiful and natural that doesn’t require editing.

Geo was in the 8th grade when he first picked-up a camera. Boredom led him to taking pictures and he has since developed an artistic eye for photography. Before he knew it, Geo’s boredom developed a hobby and passion- photography.

Geo loves hiking, traveling and hanging-out with friends - all perfect activities for him to take out his camera and shoot some pics! He’s quite the outdoorsman and his passion for photography helps to memorialize the time shared with friends, as well as the places visited.

Geo doesn’t edit his photos much, but when he does, he uses Adobe Lightroom to do trivial things that may include color, saturation and lens adjustments. His edits take less than 30 seconds, but he prefers to leave the photos taken in their original and most natural state.

This young photographer is inspired by life, as well as art. His Instagram feed reflects mostly travelers, which fuel his desire for travel. He loves reviewing the Instagram of an account called ROAM which contains a lot of travel photography, something right-up Geo Min’s alley.

His two favorite photographers are Chris Burkard and Jimmy Chin, both professional photographers who are incredibly outdoorsy and adventurous. If you don’t know of these two men, you should take-a-peek at their Instagram feeds, their photographs are powerful.

I asked Geo what his favorite photo that he’s taken is and he responded by telling me it was a photo of the northern lights he took while in Iceland with friends. He said that he and a group of Hokies traveled to Iceland with high hopes of seeing the northern lights, but that the conditions weren’t favorable for the first four days. On the fifth and last day, Geo said that he and the group decided to yolo it and try to catch a glimpse of the supposedly magically-un-real looking, northern lights; however, the Aurora forecast said that the probability for seeing the lights was low.

Despite the forecast, the group of Hokies went out in search of the northern lights. They pulled over in the middle of nowhere, waiting patiently in the freezing weather (Brrrrr!!!) until about 3 am which is when they observed a green tint in the sky. They drove a little further and BAAM!!, the sky exploded in color. Against all odds, Geo and his fellow Hokie friends saw the brilliant colors of the northern lights, a sight Geo and his friends will never forget. Geo captured this moment with friends through the lens of his camera, documenting this memorable moment in time.

Geo has done other crazy things while taking pictures. He’s gone underwater, endured extreme weather conditions, trespassed, gone behind waterfalls, near high cliffs just to capture a great and natural image.

Follow Geo on Instagram to see more of his photos at @Geomin76.

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