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Alternatives to Popular Fall Activities

For many people, the arrival of fall means drinking pumpkin spice lattes, carving pumpkins, and watching scary movies. But what if you can’t stand the taste of pumpkin and scary movies leave you sleepless for days? Luckily, there are some easy alternatives to quintessential fall activities.

Paint a pumpkin instead of carving it

Maybe pumpkin carving grosses you out or maybe you’re better suited for a paintbrush than a knife. This fall, try painting that beautiful pumpkin from the pumpkin patch instead of carving it out and leaving it to rot on your front porch. You can opt for a simple design, like a traditional jack-o’-lantern face, or a more challenging design, like a detailed witch. Or get creative and come up with your own design ideas.

Drink a maple pecan latte instead of a pumpkin spice latte

If you’re a Starbucks fanatic, but you think pumpkin spice lattes are so overrated, try a maple pecan latte instead. The maple pecan latte is brand new this fall and offers hints of pecan, maple syrup, and brown butter, topped off with colorful specks of sugar. If you’re not a fan of hot drinks, then give the iced version a try.

Write a ghost story instead of telling one you already know

Sitting around a campfire and telling all the scary ghost stories you know is a fun and simple fall activity. But why not put your creativity to the test and write your own ghost story? Revisit some of your favorites to get an idea of how to write one and test it out on your family and friends.

Watch a fall-themed movie instead of a scary one

If you want to have a movie marathon this October, but you don’t like scary movies, pick out some classics set in autumn. “When Harry Met Sally” features New York City in the fall and a romantic New Year’s Eve scene sure to start getting you in the mood for the holidays. If you’d prefer a Halloween-themed film that’s low on scares, you’ve got plenty of options, including “Hocus Pocus” and “Practical Magic.”

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