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The State Fair

The State Fair may not be the most glamorous place on Earth, but that is, in my opinion, what makes it so memorable. I am more than a little biased, as I’ve been going to the State Fair consecutively since I was three-years-old, but there is nothing like walking into a place where there is the opportunity to buy fried butter. (I myself have never tried fried butter, but at least I know I can). There are also other healthy options like fried Oreos, fried Reeses Cups, and fried Twinkies.

I think traditions with family or friends—even with yourself—are some of the most powerful things out there. My connection to the fair wouldn’t be nearly as strong if my dad hadn’t made it such an event for our family every year. He was excited about the mechanical bull, rickety rides, racing pigs, BMX bike shows, and funnel cakes, so I was too. Soon that joy turned into not just feeling happiness at my dad’s enjoyment but enjoying myself too. I’m at the point in my life where I want to uphold the yearly trip just as much as he does. I drove home three hours this weekend just to go! (Seeing my family is a nice bonus, though.)

So, stick with your traditions—whatever they may be! Find joy in the little things within them; the fair is definitely not as magical as Disney World or as pretty as Busch Gardens, but it is still special to me in its own way.

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