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What is the true definition of creativity? How do you put words to a multifaceted process that differs from one person’s mind to the next? What does creativity look like to you?

The beauty lays in the diversity- the broad spectrum of expressionism. There is no string of words that could appropriately describe ‘creative.’ It’s just something you do, something that can’t necessarily be explained, something that surpasses words and connects humans to each other.

Recently, my eyes have been drawn to masterpieces, whether that is a beautifully put together documentary or a dense poem. My ears have been picking up the quietest of melodies from the birds singing outside of my window to The Monkees softly playing in the background at Mill Mountain. My hands have been eager to build and to mold. My heart is drawn to art.

If I had to define creativity, I would say it is the authentic core of a human being displayed externally. But that is only from my understanding, from my mind, from my unique creative process.

So, Blacksburg friends (and others too), I am asking you! Where does your creativity spark? How do you express yo’ self? Where does your passion lay and how does creation play a part in it?

I know my own mind. (Well, I’m still getting to know my own mind.) And I want to learn of and share other’s unique pathways towards self-expression.

For the next few weeks, my blog posts will be putting the spotlight on someone in the Blacksburg community who is creatively contributing to our fine town in their own original way. I am intrigued by the artistic nature of a person, and I know that everyone has it inside of them. So, if you are interested in being featured on the Silhouette blog and sharing your “cobblestones of creativity”, I would love to hear of the inner workings of your mind. Shoot me an email at if you’re interested in hanging out and talking about the brilliance of our brains. I’ve got some low-key people lined up with high-key skills. This is something to get excited about.

“The root of this possibility of doing good – that we all have – is in creation.” –Pope Francis

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