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Dave Coulier is as Colorful as Joey Gladstone

Virginia Tech Union brought comedian Dave Coulier, known best as Uncle Joey from the television show Full House, to Virginia Tech on Wednesday, November 9th. Several students and community members enjoyed his comedic antics in the Squires Haymarket Theatre at 8 pm. He spent a few moments promoting the second season of his new show, Fuller House, featuring all of the Full House characters several years after the original show ended after eight seasons. Following his introduction, he spent the next hour cracking the room up with the jokes, impressions, and stories that come so naturally to him.

Coulier opened his show with jokes about his cast members and the crowd loved hearing him tease John Stamos and fellow comedian, Bob Saget. Coulier then mentioned that he is not very good at ending his bits, warning us to pay attention to the air horn noise *insert air horn noise he somehow makes flawlessly* to let us know when he would be moving on to the next joke.

Besides talking about Full House, Coulier also joked about what it was like raising his son – playing video games with him, trying to correct his behavior, and being embarrassed by him at swanky events in front of important people. The neat thing about hearing these tidbits of parenting humor was that all of his stories made him incredibly normal and relatable.

Coulier fed off of the crowd, expanding on his stories and explaining them further when we clearly loved what he was saying and moving on when he dropped references from pop-culture before our time. His sense of humor was definitely dirtier than his character’s humor on Full House, but he still remained respectful; most of the adult material was of the potty-joke variety.

Finally, at the conclusion of his act, Coulier surprised the audience with an impressive harmonica performance. It was an hour of relaxing and enjoying easy laughter as we listened to Coulier conversationally tell us stories as if we were old pals. My face hurt from smiling so much and as I left Squires, I departed with an even stronger appreciation for this comedian and actor that I’ve spent my entire childhood and adolescence enjoying.

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