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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight - Lynn Hershman Leeson

The Moss Arts Center is, unbelievably, the forgotten treasure of Virginia Tech. Despite being one of, if not the biggest building on campus, too many students never set foot inside of it during their time at Tech. It’s a pity – despite being in a massive university that offers a multitude of opportunities in a number of disciplines to either participate or partake in. One such opportunity will be on October 21st when Lynn Hershman Leeson visits.

From artwork (that can be seen above) to filmmaking and even shown in her latest book, Civic Radar, Lynn Hersman Leeson has found success across various forms of media. Lynn’s artwork centers on themes that have become prevalent in the 21st century such as consumerism and the dichotomy of the real and digital worlds. Moreover, thanks entirely to her desire for change, her film Strange Culture saw the release of an artist who’d been in prison for 23 years. It’s these varied experiences and accomplishments that give weight to her words and lend authority to any wisdom which she chooses to impart (because anyone can say something but it’s their credentials that creates the separation of opinion from advice).

The most fascinating artistic endeavor of hers that I found I won’t be putting here, as it will likely be far more interesting to hear that experience from her than from myself. However, I will say that it involves an alter ego, “clones,” and fake credentials.

She’ll be giving a lecture on her experiences as an artist. For those of us who aspire to be in her shoes later in life, it’s an invaluable chance to get to hear and internalize these lessons to use in your own works. However, for me, the thing that I’m always left with after such an event is the mentality which these artists approach their craft with. Moreover, finding inspiration and purpose in all things that surround them and being able to fit that into a work of art is fascinating and the methodology behind it has helped me as much as any class I’ve taken. However, that’s just me, there’s no telling what will help you out of that rut of being able to envision your next canvas or the ever-present writer’s block. Something profound can only have an impact on you if you’re present to hear it.

While this is a post about Ms. Leeson, it’s also a call to make use of the things we have readily available to us. Whether it’s a Saturday afternoon in Lane Stadium, an evening spent listening to a visiting poet, or taking some time out of your schedule to listen to a concert – get out there and experience all Virginia Tech has to offer.

In the words of the ever-endearing Calvin and Hobbes: it’s a magical world.

For a complete list of all events taking place at the Moss Arts Center, including Ms. Leeson’s lecture visit:

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