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Quarantine Boredom - Painting My Nintendo DS

Recently, in an effort to stay entertained through my lectures that somehow seem to last longer and longer as the weeks go by, I’ve picked back up things that haven’t been used in a long time. One of these items that has seen a lot more interaction is my old Nintendo DS. In the face of being subjected to yet another hour and fifteen minute lecture on residential construction technologies (why did I choose my major again?) I realized that I could pass the time re-beating Mario Kart. (Side note: the ability to turn your camera off during a Zoom meeting is by far the absolute best feature that can be exploited during lectures.)

Although I was very entertained by breaking out this old handheld video game device, I had an idea that took the game in a completely different, and much more artistic direction. I had been wanting for a creative activity, and having a significant amount of acrylic paint and no available canvas, led me to a unique idea: what if I painted my DS?

After many layers of acrylic paint and a couple hours of staring at random Google images of items from Mario’s world, I finished painting my “masterpiece.” Then, in an effort to protect the finished picture, and perhaps prolong the project in order to extend my time of being entertained in quarantine, I painted over the colors with a clear nail polish.

Although I can’t really complain in quarantine since my roommate is my best friend, it has definitely driven me to find brand new ways to entertain myself. Although painting my DS was definitely one of the weirder ways I’ve passed my time, it was a pretty fun thing to do and, unfortunately, with much time stuck in my apartment still laying ahead, it might not be the last odd way I will spend my time.

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