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We're Looking For...

We welcome submissions from any undergraduate and graduate student at Virginia Tech. Submitting to the magazine is a great way to get your creative work out into the world, and "published" makes a great line on your resume! Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Poetry & Prose

We accept:

  • poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, humor columns, and more


  • double spacing and 12 pt font

  • Prose submissions are limited to 10 pages, and poems should be kept to one page

  • Files should be submitted as .doc, .otd, .txt, or .rtf files (we currently cannot accept .docx)

We will accept up to 5 pieces from each person.


Art & Photography

We accept:

  • paintings, illustrations, architectural drawings, sketches, sculpture, and more


  • Make sure that photographs of your piece are appropriately cropped

  • All submissions must have a resolution of at least 300dpi and dimensions of at least 4x6 inches

  • pdfs are preferred, but we also accept .tif, .jpeg, .esp, .bmp, .psd, and .ai files

We will accept up to 10 submissions from each person.

How to Submit...

Please use our submissions uploader, if this is not working then email submissions to


Some Technical Stuff

All files must be named with the title of the work. For example, a photo titled "Rain" should be labeled "Rain."

We will not accept files labeled "untitled" or something similar to "DSC_0000."


Do not put your name on your submission (either in the document or in the file name). If you submit by email, include your contact information in the body of the email and make sure your file size does not exceed 2MB.

If you are submitting multiple pieces you should submit one piece at a time (i.e. one submission per piece).

Fall 2021 Featured Creatives



  • Editors' Choice: Abused: Dr. Anne K. G. Bazilwich

  • Peace is Dog: Dr. Anne K. G. Bazilwich

  • Broken by Age: Will Schrant

  • 6_20 Spread: Grace Kelly

  • Untitled Collage: Ethan Candelario

  • Deliverance: Caillyn Jeffery

  • Dormitory: Caillyn Jeffery

  • Collecting Myself: Anna Goodeman

  • Monarch Butterfly: Elijah Parker

  • IMG_8679 (1): Lucas DuMez



  • Editors' Choice: Beyond Perspective: Zixi Li

  • Black Howler Monkey: Joshua Ward

  • IMG 9398: Arden Faires

  • Torgerson Bridge: Ethan Candelario

  • i've got demons coming inside me: Kevin Hoang

  • Train to Nowhere: Sean Stroud

  • Golden Gate: Sean Stroud

  • Barren Seas: Sean Stroud

  • Window Wonders: Sean Stroud

  • Untraveled: Amber Williams

  • Geldingadalir: Nayha Pochiraju

  • Docks: Nayha Pochiraju

  • Pure Euphoria: Colleen Henneberry


  • Editors' Choice: Sucker: Kiya Rahn

  • MD-346: Caillyn Jeffery

  • Love me as the sea loves the shore: Stephanie Sheets

  • My Weeklong Exorcism: William Cummings

  • Black and Red: Virgil Thornton

  • Caiphas: Sean C. Sirks

  • A Trilogy for the Birds: Joshua Ward

  • Security Deposit: Abbigale Evans


  • All I Want: Ulysses Forte

  • Poetry While Half Asleep: V Huang



  • Editors' Choice: The Intersection of Patrick Henry and North Main: Abbigale Evans

  • Blue Entropy: Kathleen Walker

  • Windshield Memoriam: Kathleen Walker

Spring 2022 Featured Creatives



  • Editors' Choice: Nike: Rodney Kimbangu

  • at the horizon: Anna Goodman

  • CROSSROADS: Emma Wilson

  • Dancing to Beat of Your Heart: Katlyn Morales

  • ELIZA: Emma Wilson

  • Floral Bloom: Emma Bustetter

  • Rainy Day: Emily Grimaldi

  • Shower Facility: Tony Lin

  • Smushed: Emily Grimaldi

  • The mountains are calling: Tony Lin

  • Campus: Grace Kelly

  • Collage: Matt Lee

  • Spear: Callie Houston



  • Editors' Choice: Mable: Rodney Kimbangu

  • Around the Bend: Sean Stroud

  • eventide: Naheda Nassan

  • Highway Dreams: Sean Stroud

  • Angel's Rest: Grace Cutsinger

  • Las Vegas on Film: Nanami Nishimoto

  • Murano Glass: Naheda Nassan

  • Rusty Blackbird: Joshua Ward

  • The Bell Rock of Sedona: Nanami Nishimoto


  • Editors' Choice: The Flower: Riley Vinluan

  • A Four String Guitar: Abby Evans

  • House Shoes: Emma Brown

  • lay your body to rest!: Riley Vinluan

  • poetry while half asleep: V Huang

  • Short term, lifelong: Savannah Lawhorne

  • the royal garden: Kendra Sollars

  • TRH-1: James O'Brien

  • Daylight savings time means an extra hour together: Tim Cox

  • yellow-wood sentiments: Seferina Olivio



  • Editors' Choice: Love Story of Tampa Electric and the Manatee: Grace Turner

  • Hardened Shells: Joshua Ward

*If your file is too large or you have difficulty with the submissions form, send content to

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