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4 Small Artists That Should Be On Your Radar

With the rise of social media, it has become easier to discover new artists. However, with this rise of content, it is also harder to pick good ones out of a crowd. After searching for some of today’s most promising artists, I found four that are both easy to get into and impressive in content. 

Hailing from Barnstable, Massachusetts, Dunbar is a 21 year old artist that blends a range of sounds throughout his discography from bubblegum pop to 70’s Fleetwood Mac era songs. His lyrics artfully chronicle his life, from growing up in a small town as someone who identifies as LGBTQ+, to eclectic stories of his life as a performer and artist. Alongside various singles, Dunbar has released four EPs: balloons don’t float here (2019), isaac’s insects (2020), evil twin (2021), and Banish The Banshee (2022). His two most recent singles, “Apartment A” and “Backseat Girl”, precede his upcoming EP which has yet to be named. 

Standout Songs: 

“Backseat Girl” 

Malcolm Todd, a 20 year old musician from Los Angeles, captures the sounds of heartbreak, love, and everything in-between in his alternative-pop discography. Todd taps into a specific quirky, eccentric sound that artists such as Faye Webster and Steve Lacy have mastered. Over the past two years, he has released four EPs and various singles that have solidified his sound, including: Demos Before Prom, Shower Shoes, Sweet Boy Pt. 1, and Sweet Boy Pt. 2

Standout Songs: 

Christine, also known as Unflirt, is a 22 year old singer-songwriter who blends Pink Pantheress’ dreamy electronica sound with the signature bedroom pop tunes of Clairo. Unflirt released her first song in 2020 and has slowly put out a trickle of singles and EPs since. Her two EPs, titled Bitter Sweet (2023) and April’s Nectar (2023), show her progress over a short amount of time. 

Standout Songs 

A soft pop duo, Toronto band Babygirl documents detailed scenes of lackluster romances, great loves, and regret. Their most popular song, “I Wish I Never Met You”, is a relatable ballad that harps on levels of regret after a relationship. The best friend duo first started releasing music in 2016 with dreamy self-made singles “Overbored”, “As You Wish”, and “Seth and Summer Forever”. They’ve continued to find a more polished, lush sound in their more recent EPs titled Be Still My Heart, Losers Weepers, and Lovers Fever and have a promising future ahead. 

Standout Songs: 

Cover image property of Isaac Dunbar and RCA Records.


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