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Community Spotlight: Meet Jad Youssef

Jad Youssef is a 21-year-old senior at Virginia Tech, majoring in BIT. He's incredibly passionate about personal fitness and health.

Jad became interested in fitness and health after reflecting on his own personal lifestyles. He was a football player who perceived himself as being overweight and unhealthy and knew he had to make a change, so he did. He began by changing his diet and making healthier food choices. As a result, he lost a lot of weight and gained muscle in return. This completely changed the way he looked, and he loved the progress he was making. From that point on he decided to maintain a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

The results Jad gets while working out is what keeps him motivated. He challenges himself by setting personal goals and is determined to achieve those goals while at the gym. This motivation and determination has made him healthier physically and mentally - making him even more passionate about his fitness and well-being.

Jad took the Ace Fitness class offered through Virginia Tech for a whole semester so that he could take an exam to become a certified Personal Trainer. He admits it wasn’t an arduous process as he enjoys learning new things, while at the same time preparing himself for the fitness exam. As a personal trainer, Jad loves seeing the results of his clients and how far they have progressed because of his influence. The idea of helping others improve their health through fitness is very rewarding and fulfilling, giving Jad what a psychologist would call helper’s high. Jad is excited about having the option of starting a career as a personal trainer and fitness coordinator after college and he would love to make it a full-time job, as he now has the background and understanding of what is required and needed.

There are countless ways of getting your heart rate up! Jad’s favorites are going to the gym, hiking with friends or challenging a friend to a game of basketball. He firmly believes that just staying active is important, as it will keep us young and feeling healthy.

His advice to anyone who wants to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle is to find something you truly enjoy doing and to start doing that something repeatedly, whatever it is, with a friend(s). A partner will help keep you motivated and they can also hold you accountable in achieving personal goals set. This activity doesn’t have to be super hard, it just has to be something that keeps you moving. Stop focusing on what others will think of you, all that matters is that you are bettering yourself, physically and mentally.

If you want schedule an appointment with Jad you can contact him at or simply go onto and sign up for a trainer where you can request Jad.

Photo Courtesy of VT Recreational Sports.

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