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Winter in the Spring???

I know it must be more than a bit disheartening to look outside on the first day of spring and see snow falling from the clouds…. and then to get more snow a couple days later. However! I ask you to not give up all hope. In two or so months, you’ll be regretting ever saying goodbye to the cold weather. It happens both ways every year, after all. In the summer, we want winter; in the winter, we want summer.

This year, however, seems increasingly brutal. We’ll get a slew of days that are about 60-70 degrees, only for our hopes to be mercilessly crushed with a giant snowstorm. But I ask you: just pause, and try to look for inspiration in whatever situation you’re presented with. How poetic, after all, is snow falling on the first day of spring? It can create a plethora of interesting and contrasting ideas! Not only in this scenario, but any; a cool breeze on a burning summer day, maybe? Going in the ocean on New Year’s Day (that is, of course, a family tradition of mine). Waking up early instead of sleeping in, or sleeping in instead of waking up early. Sometimes it’s an amazing thing to get a new perspective on things.

Try to make the most of the weather outside—maybe bundle up and sit out there for a while…or maybe just wait until it gets warm again (it has to come eventually!).

Picture courtesy of Clare Carter

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