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Education Over Borders

The Virginia Tech study abroad program offers a lot of different places you can go. From large cities to unknown lands, VT offers it.

The College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences has an annual summer trip to London for about a month where you go with a group of students and a few professors to explore London. Each year there are different professors from different departments that go; for example, this summer there are three professors going, one in English, another in theatre, and the last in history. While in London, you get the opportunity to see many different plays, glorious museums, and the rare chance to experience a brand-new culture.

For those interested in architecture and history, there is an Interior Design Study Abroad program based in Florence, Italy. This program allows students to learn all about the architectural history in the region while working on their ability to sketch and observe things architecturally.

For my fellow fashion gurus, there is a summer study abroad program for fashion majors that takes you to Europe; a week in London, Paris, and Rome (so three weeks total)! This allows students to explore the fashion world in some of the main fashion capitals! You will get to walk through exquisite exhibitions of well-known designers alongside learning about the regions culture and how that affects the fashion there.

These are only a very small portion of the endless study abroad programs Tech has to offer. You can get more information on these and others on the Virginia Tech Global Education’s (formerly Education Abroad) website!

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