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Tommy Bogo & the Evolution of NYFW

Many today are familiar with the very popular New York Fashion Week. A series of fashion shows and events that take place in New York City that are a week long, and purpose for designers to showcase their seasonal collection to buyers, the press, and the general public. Fashion week first took place in the 1950s and was originally known as “press week”. On Seventh Avenue, rooms would be packed tight and models would strike poses down narrow runways. The purpose of fashion week remains the same, but the production and expectations of fashion week has evolved significantly. During this year's New York Fashion Week new boundaries were broken and very unique shows were seen. Many are familiar with standard shows that don't involve much creative expression, aside from the collection of clothing presented.

This year's fashion week has shown us how designers, such as Tommy Bogo, stood out with unique productions and collections on the runway. Designer Tommy Bogo’s collection consisted of street wear fashion such as varsity jackets, denim jeans, sneakers, and graphic tee shirts. The style that is prominently seen in schools, on the streets, and that is being promoted by influencers. Streetwear style has trickled its way up and now is being seen on our runways and in the high fashion world. In the past, we would have never seen this style at New York Fashion Week, but as time has gone by the event has strayed away from the prestigiousness and classiness. Becoming more lenient, giving more room for designer’s unique creative expression.

Bogo created a team of script writers, set designers, models, photographers, and musicians who came together to create something much more than a runway show. Instead, he took it to another level by bringing his collection to life. The show was set in a high school class room. Runway was set with chalk boards, school desks, models representing students and teachers, school papers, and other items you would see in a classroom. Each and every aspect of the runway was placed together in order for viewers to be able to fully experience the entirety of the collection and understand the pieces the collection consisted of. Bogo also incorporated an element many have not seen on the runway, models performing skits. No one has ever seen a model perform and act during a show but Bogo changed that. Bogo and his work this year is just the beginning of the creativity we will begin to see on the runway. As the years progress, runway will involve more and more creative expression from designers beyond the clothing pieces.

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