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New York Fashion Week: The Highlights

Collina Strada

In the midst of the transition between summer and fall lies an infamous week of commotion and bustle: New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Designers, celebrities, models, show coordinators and hoards of onlookers gathered in New York City to see the newest collections from designers such as Ralph Lauren and Collina Strada.

The events ran between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. from September 8th through 13th, consisting of around 74 runway shows. After evaluating the bunch, these are the standouts.

Mirror Palais

Collina Strada presented a collection partially made by artificial intelligence (AI), emphasizing the importance of new technology in the fashion industry. The AI collaboration resulted in powdery pinks and blues that took on silhouettes reminiscent of both Vivienne Westwood and Blumarine.

Helmut Lang

Founder and designer for Mirror Palais, Marcelo Gaia, presented his second runway show on the first day of NYFW. The collection, titled “Return of Glamour,” lived up to its name via cascading gowns, ballet-pink wrap dresses and bustiers. The show was presented in an intimate ballroom-esque setting, allowing for all eyes to be on the new pieces.


In May, Peter Do was appointed the new creative director of Helmut Lang. The minimalist brand had fallen to the sidelines in the past five years and all eyes were on Do to revive the name at his first show for the brand. Touching on classic minimalist elements, Do captured previous elements of the brand while adding his own signature elements to the collection.

Tory Burch

A blossoming brand, Retrofête presented their runway debut during this NYFW. Drawing clear inspiration from vintage denim styles and the infamous Paco Rabbane, their collection showed promise for the brand in the future and set the stage for the season ahead.

A household name, Tory Burch is now aiming to re-establish themselves as the “cool girl brand." Minimalist styles with pops of color, texture and attention grabbing accessories were consistent throughout the runway. If they continue on this path, Tory Burch may be the brand we start seeing "It" girls such as Bella Hadid and EmRata in on the streets of New York.

(all images sourced from Women's Wear Daily)

(Cover Image: "New York Fashion Week Fall 2007: Doo Ri" by Art Comments is licensed under CC BY 2.0.)


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