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Mirror Palais: The History Behind the Up-and-Coming Brand

Born on the streets of New York, Mirror Palais is an up-and-coming label that is taking over the social media feeds of many. From celebrities such as Dua Lipa to this generation's “it girl”, Bella Hadid, the brand’s influence seems to be spreading at breakneck speed.

The brand was founded by Marcelo Gaia, who worked as a stylist for nearly a decade. After starting creating and closing the brand Rosemilk with a friend, Gaia created Mirror Palais. He sites old screen names as the inspiration behind the name and confident, inspiring women as his model for the brand image. Mirror Palais officially started in 2019 and rose to fame in 2020, with Dua Lipa promoting the brand through her music video for “Break My Heart”. Since then, Olivia Rodrigo, Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner, and Emily Ratajkowski have all been seen wearing Mirror Palais. The label's viral “Fairy Dress” turned various heads on TikTok and has also propelled the brand forward.

With this newfound buzz and success, the brand finally put on their first runway show. The show, titled “The Virgin, The Princess, The Siren,” took place in a church and consisted of looks inspired by fairytales that Gaia grew up on. He took to Instagram to explain the design process and garment details, showing the small elements of each look.

It’s safe to say that Mirror Palais has only started their ascent to becoming a household name in the future. Between Gaia’s inspiration and the brand’s newfound publicity, their influence is becoming known.


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