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Kali Uchis' "Orquídeas" Album Review

Igual Que un Ángel” (meaning “just like an angel”,) is not just me describing Kali Uchis. It’s a standout track on her fourth studio album, ORQUÍDEAS

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Following her critically acclaimed album Red Moon in Venus, Uchis made the decision to fully step into the realm of Latino music. Red Moon in Venus contained slick, sparkling tracks featuring scatterings of Spanish titles and one liners. Songs such as “Hasta Cuando” and “Como Te Quiero Yo” were merely foreshadowing for what was to come. ORQUÍDEAS features a mainly Spanish tracklist, including songs “Muñekita” and Labios Mordidos. She touches upon similar positive themes as she did in Red Moon in Venus, being evident on tracks such as “Young Rich & In Love”. 

One of the most exciting aspects of Red Moon in Venus was the string of features on the tracklist. Uchis moved swiftly between the voices of Omar Apollo, Summer Walker, and fiancé Don Toliver, expanding her own sound along the way. On ORQUÍDEAS, she turns to Latino collaborators such as Peso Pluma, El Alfa, Karol G, and Rauw Alejandro. City Girls rapper JT also makes an appearance on “Muñekita” where she delivers one of the best guest verses on the project. 

New collaborations help guide Uchis into a new realm of dance and heartbeat-like instrumentals. The opening track, “¿Còmo Así?” is a prime example of this, with a pulsating beat that puts listeners in a trance. Uchis closes the album on a similar note with “Dame Beso // Muévete”. On other tracks such as “Te Mata”, she strays away from this sound and dabbles into the dramatic side of Latino music, creating songs that seem almost fit for a telenovela. 

While this album was not Uchis’ first time creating music in the Latino genre (see Sin Amor del Miedo (y Otras Demonias)), it has definitely established itself as her best body of work under the genre. With its dazzling collaborations, range of sound across the Latino genre, and references to her past projects, it is both cohesive and has high replay value for new and old fans of Uchis. 


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