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A Timeless Message

One of the most powerful compositions in recent years comes from one of the most influential movies of the modern era - The Greatest Showman. With the song “This Is Me,” producers discovered their anthem for the film; while audiences found themselves moved by the Bearded Lady’s message about self-acceptance. From the first line claiming “I am not a stranger to the dark,” she brings focus to the fear and oppression she has faced. This struggle is a topic of relatability for not just the characters in the movie but also the public at large. In this way, her honesty is what appeals most to the listeners. The layering of notes and build of the song are also worthy of noting because they supply an additional inspirational element. While the arrangement of soft notes provides a foundation for the somber and serious message to take precedence, the pairing of the orchestra with lyrics about hope emphasizes the need to stand one’s ground and take pride in who they are.

The upbeat nature of the song repeats this message and inspires confidence in anyone who sings or listens to it. Additionally, with reminders like how “there’s a place for us” and “we are glorious” incorporated throughout the song, audiences find peace in knowing that there are people in life who will appreciate them for all of their gifts and faults (lines 8-9). Taking in every lyric and beat it is hard to not to be uplifted by its positive message. Meanwhile, the timeless relevance of “This Is Me” ensures that it will be around to inspire children and adults alike for many years to come.

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