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Weight of Words

Language forms the basis of society, and it is for this reason that it should never be regarded lightly; words carry weight. An “I Love You” is perhaps one of the hardest phrases to be said. It’s only three words, yet within them, there is a power that holds the potential to connect people for a lifetime; not to mention, they provide the perfect ending for every Hallmark movie. Additionally, the way that someone chooses to yield the words that they possess can make the difference between a bridge and a barrier. With an open dialogue between the United States and the USSR, the high-stress times of the Cold War came to an end and with it the wall dividing a nation was destroyed. By taking control of the narrative peace was achieved.

In this way, there is also a risk that is tied to communication. To take on the risk is to also reap the rewards, while failing in this task could result in confusion or worse – misinterpretation. In order to be a voice for change, one must be willing to accept the risk and become a master communicator. Thinking back to other pivotal moments in history, a trend forms with a relationship between those who accepted the risk of speaking their mind and those who did not. What is the relationship? Those who found a way to organize their ideas and had the courage to share them are remembered in history. If you’ve ever heard the phrases “We the people…,” “Four score and seven years ago…,” or “I have a dream,” then my point is clear to you. The words of our founding fathers, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr., respectively, amounted to change: a fate made possible because they found the words that would leave an impact. They challenged societal norms with strands of nouns, verbs, and adjectives grouped together.

Just think, this task that is so simple that you understand how to do it by the end of elementary school is also responsible for changing the world. Now, if you did not before, you may understand what I meant by “words carry weight.” They possess the power to change someone’s day, life, and future. Understanding this fact is the first step in learning to harness the power of language and to leave the impression you desire.

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