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A Safe Space - My Journal

Every year I tell myself I’m going to start a journal and honestly, it never happens; until this year. For the first time in about six years of trying to get down the discipline to actually write down my thoughts and feelings, I finally started to do it.

It has become one of the greatest parts of my daily routine, almost an escape. I sit down and write how I’m feeling, my goals for the day and sometimes I end up doodling. You’d be surprised how lost you can get in writing, one word, two, three, seven. It goes on and on until I look at the clock and suddenly, I’m running late for class.

There are days when it slips my mind to journal in the morning, so it becomes part of my evening. Although in the moment it feels like I made a mistake by forgetting, at night it almost feels like a reward. I take out my pen and paper and I write. I write what happened that day. I write all the emotions, the good, the bad, the ugly. I write it all. Again, just like the mornings, it ends in a doodle. It's always my favorite part. I like to pretend I’m a renowned artist, nothing wrong with that.

I feel like there is something so special about making something out of nothing. I mean that's what writing is. You take a pen, pencil, crayon, anything of your choosing and you put letters together to make words, your words. They become unique to you and your story.

That’s what I feel like my journal is. It’s my story, the way I want to tell it. There are no edits, no grammar checks, no word count or word limit. It is just me. There is something so special about the time spent between you and a piece of paper. I think everyone should try it sometime.

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