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One of the most important aspects of surviving this crazy world is organization -- believe it or not. I recently learned the importance of maintaining important paperwork and previous assignments. While we won't get into my mistakes, we can prevent you from making the same ones.

Here are a few tips for managing organization!

Open and organized planner

Photo courtesy: College Compass

Get a planner!

Listen, I know you've heard it a million times. Some of us swear by planners. I, however, have never been overly proactive and would prefer to allow assignments to "sneak up on me." Recently, though, I got myself a planner and have stopped procrastinating altogether. Planners are used for more than just schoolwork, too. I am able to write down all of my responsibilities, plans, and notes in one place. A place that just-so-happens to have a calendar, too!

Create a plan, or goal-list, for your week.

Want to motivate yourself to go to the gym? Want to get all of your schoolwork done so you don't feel guilty hanging out at Sharkey's for 12 hours? Creating a plan for the week allows for the satisfaction of completion (literally nothing feels better than crossing something off your to-do list), the benefits of maintaining goals, and the knowledge of all that needs to be accomplished within the time period.

Keep your space clean.

I recently read online the importance of allowing yourself to have a clear, clutter-free workspace. Think about it! How can you expect to remain organized and up-to-date if your clothes are scattered around the room? Spend a few minutes every morning making your bed, straightening up your desk, and removing the chaos from your day.

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