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March is not Just for Madness, it is for Women!

As March closes its doors and we spring into April, I want to take this moment to commemorate all that we have seen in the past 31 days. Every year March embodies an international, month-long celebration of women, kicking off on March 8th with International Woman’s day. On the campus of Virginia Tech, we celebrate dynamically! This past month brought a plethora of commemorations from visiting speakers and authors such as Zoe Cantor, Zadie Smith and Mae Jemison; film viewings and discussions like “Breaking the Glass Slipper: Deconstructing Disney”; and so much more! This depth-y month saw our annual Take Back the Night rally and march, the United Feminist Movement’s clothes line project that raises awareness against gender based violence and the 25th anniversary of the Woman’s Center at Virginia Tech.

The Woman’s Center is located at 206 Washington Street SW, just a hop and a skip away from the central hub that squires student center provides. It stands to serve the Virginia Tech community, fostering an environment where equity for woman can flourish. They have conference spaces to rent out and welcome students to come and study in their furnished rooms. It is little known, but they are even home to a secret library! Behind a seemingly inconspicuous white book shelf, there is a cosy, yet expansive space that holds an abundance of radical to moderate feminist literature that is available for any member of the community to come read.

The Woman’s Center at Virginia Tech is an incredible resource for students, faculty and members of the Virginia Tech community. While it has “woman” in its name, it is important to note that the center welcomes and serves persons of all gender identities. March saw much celebration and support, don’t let it end here! If sustaining this loving, empowering environment of equity is something you feel passionately about, get more involved! And if you know someone who is showing signs of abuse or violence of any kind, reach out to them and urge them to access the resources available.

Organizations/Upcoming events/Resources:

United Feminist Movement- A dedicated group of all peoples that focuses on the advancement of oppressed and marginalized peoples by providing a platform on which their voices can be heard.

Fearless- A student-led group on campus that empowers woman in education.

Woman’s Leadership & Mentoring Program- A cohort-based experience designed for women who are aspiring higher education administers wishing to gain leadership knowledge and experience.

Survivor Support Group- A support group for female survives of interpersonal violence that meets at the Women’s Center at Virginia Tech. Contact for more information.

The Woman’s Center at Virginia Tech- An inclusive, welcoming center that promotes an equitable environment while providing counseling and other resources for those of the Virginia Tech community.

The Woman’s Resource Center of the New River Valley- The local, non-Virginia Tech affiliated Woman’s Center that also provides free & confidential services for sexual and domestic violence victims.

Denim Day- An alumni celebration of a historical day for the LGBTQ community on Virginia Tech’s campus. April 2nd.

Pride Week- April 1st-April 8th.

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