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Do College Students Follow YouTubers?

For the past few months, I have been religiously watching YouTubers like David Dobrik (the literal love of my life), each of the vlog squad's videos, Emma Chamberlin, Olivia Jade, Josh Peck, the Dolan Twins, and the ACE Family.

It started with David; I watched his 525th video and have been hooked ever since. His videos are 4 minutes and 20 seconds of extreme entertainment. He does a great job of editing his content and always having unique vlogs. All of the other members of vlog squad, I think, are absolutely hilarious and watching their videos makes me want to be their friends so bad.

Emma Chamberlin is my fashion inspiration and the hipster I aspire to be. Her edits are even funnier than David's but doesn't post as many videos. She got me hooked on iced almond milk lattes, Doc Martins, cropped shirts, and mom jeans.

The Dolan Twins are stunningly beautiful and their videos always make me laugh. I'm pretty sure a large portion of their fame is based on their looks but none the less, they still make quality videos.

My question is, do people in their 20s watch YouTubers like these? Every time I look at the comments on their page or on their social media, it is filled with middle and high school aged girls. David just won a Kids Choice Award but his videos are quite inappropriate so I am not sure who is audience is.

If you haven't watched any of these videos, I highly recommend. And if I am in the minority for watching their videos at the age of 20, then oh well! They bring me ~joy~.

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