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That Ratatouille Scene

So the scene where the food critic eats ratatouille and remembers his mom's cooking is a great scene. It captures my feelings on cooking perfectly. I've been learning to cook ever since I moved out of a dorm into an apartment. I watch cooking videos and chef interviews and Gordan Ramsay yelling at people. Some of the recipes I see, I actually bother to cook with mixed results.

I'm far from even a decent cook, but I've learned a lot from the few successes and many failures. As I speculate the finality of my ability, I wonder what kind of attitude I might have. I could just be okay or I could maybe become even something gourmet. I don't particularity have a desire to cook gourmet, however nor do I want to work in that environment.

I like a more down-to-earth and unassuming environment where the food and drink are good with little fuss. I can appreciate a little glamour here and there, but the vibes of fine dining is excessive to me.

The food critic enjoyed the food and there were not impeccably dressed servers and polished fancy silverware and all the other meticulous marks of gourmet and fine dining. It was just good food. For me it's as simple as that and I think I would like to get at that level where food can have that effect. That might not be innovative or perfection, but I think food is supposed to relieving and enjoyable, not anal and stressful. Trying not to mess up the dish is stressful enough, worrying about the pomp is too much for me.

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