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thank u, next

If you haven’t heard Ariana Grande’s new song, then what have you been doing since Saturday? I am so obsessed and have listened to it at least five times a day since it was released. The lyrics are what I love the most. She gives breakups, what are one of the worst experiences, a positive spin. I have shared the same view when looking at a negative situation. Thinking about what you have learned instead of focusing on the hurt that came from it allows for a healthy coping process.

There are so many great lines in the song as well. My favorite is, “wish I could say thank you to Malcom, cause he was an angle.” That one gets me every time; really tugs at the heartstrings. I am still not over Mac dying and every time I see or think about Ariana, it reminds me of Mac. Then I think about how sad Ariana must be all the time and it just goes downhill from there. Such a tragic situation.

The only question I have about the lyrics is who Ricky is. She said “now I listen and laugh” but I have never heard of Ariana dating a Ricky. Unless it’s her backup dancer she dated for a short time? Not sure but it seems like she really isn’t that thankful for him.

My second favorite line is when she says,

“Plus, I met someone else

We havin' better discussions

I know they say I move on too fast

But this one gon' last

'Cause her name is Ari

And I'm so good with that”

Well, that’s not a line but it’s such a positive and healthy message that it needs to be advertised to everyone everywhere all the time.

Ariana has a huge fan base and platform; I am so happy to support her and her music since she is using her status to better others. Not only through her newest song, but many of her other songs have talked about areas in her life where she struggles that is very relatable to other people, especially her fans. When common issues, such as depression and anxiety, are talked about in a song by someone as famous as Ariana, it lets others know they are not alone. That others have similar battles and it is okay to talk about them.

I don’t usually listen to pop music, but everything Ariana releases is a hit in my eyes. Love you Ari, I’m ready for a new song now. Thank you, next.

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