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Sushi Burritos in Blacksburg

Call me uncultured. Call me a disgrace to East Asian ethnicity. I don’t really care for Kung-Fu Tea. When I first heard about KFT, it was through a friend using the acronym. Upon showing confusion on what it was, he proceeded to revoke my Asian card. Even visiting the place, a couple times, I still really didn’t care for it. This still applies, however; there is something that made my recent (and probably fourth time) visit to any KFT so much more enjoyable. In our local KFT, is another trendy Asian fusion place called Ninja Sushi Teryaki. I wasn’t thirsty, but I was hungry and so I ordered a sushi burrito.

I’m not sure if this is an old thing that everyone already knows about. If it is, then look back to the first couple of imperatives because I had no idea that sushi burritos were a thing, but know I do, and it was simply so divine. I ordered the fully-loaded burrito with spicy tuna, eel, and shrimp tempura bundled up with warm rice, vegetables, and a crisp seaweed tortilla. It was probably the most exciting meals I’ve had from a restaurant in a while in Blacksburg. In the moments after finishing it, I began to seriously worry for the future state of my bank account. That’s my problem, however. It’s a short post, but the importance of it cannot be understated. Go eat a sushi burrito.

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