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Imagine That

If someone offered you a ticket to fly to space in the company of multiple artists, would you?

Just yesterday, Elon Musk, the CEO of Space X, a private aerospace company, announced that it would be sending one citizen to the moon. Japanese fashion mogul, Yusaka Maezawa, will be the first private citizen to embark on the greatest road trip in the galaxy. If you thought the drive from Virginia Tech to Florida was bad for spring break, just wait until you hop into a spaceship to the moon. Yusaka made his announcement of space travel with the intention of travelling with great artists of all kind, like Picasso.

Image that. Sitting on a ship in a spacesuit, you look to your right and there’s Beyonce, Drake, and Justin Timberlake. Imagine that album. To your left there’s a whole other range of artists like JK Rowling or Steven Spielberg or the architects and the list goes on and on.

Its amazing to see not only how space travel has changed in terms of technology but how the game has changed for the average citizen like you and me. Before, only specific individuals who received training and demonstrated a specific background could become astronauts and embark on this journey. Yusaka Maezawa is a citizen like you and me with no background in science. Sure, he is a billionaire so that does set him apart from the average citizen. But the goal of this venture with Space X is to open the doors to the public to make space travel an accessible resource in the future. Big things are happening out there. Big. And give or take a few decades, we might be hopping onto a space ship to fly over to Mars to meet with a friend instead of the BT bus to Squires to grab ABP. Imagine that.

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