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Why not?

You know when you’re pacing back and forth, and you can feel the minutes turning into seconds. You see a sign that says “Please wait for your interview” on the door but you’re pretty sure your mouth can’t move coherent thoughts.

We’ve all been in that position where we don’t know what to do next and even if we know what we want to do, we’re too scared. It’s a lot of we. I know. But we are in this together. This goes for all of you who have a secret passion for karaoke singing but you’re too afraid to get on stage or love doing laps in the pool but conscious about trying out for the swim team or just anything really. I 10/10 recommend going for it. Just do it. What you get out of for the two minutes of courage overshadows anything that came before.

That was me my freshman year when I was pacing back and forth before my interview for Silhouette Magazine. Being a pre-med student, I had always had a strong passion for science and anything related to well, science. But I always loved writing whether it was during AP Literature in high school or short story contests at my library. But I never really got a chance to do anything about it. Which is why after talking to a friend and discovering Silhouette, I became part of a team of individuals from all backgrounds who share a love for art, writing, editing, and anything and everything that goes into bringing our magazine to life.

So, here’s out to those of you who have had your moment like me. And for those of you who have yet to act on your passion, well ask yourself this: Why haven’t you?

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