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Exam Week Reminders

As the time for exams comes upon us, students start to want to curl up into a ball and cry in their dorm rooms or apartments, rather than venture to the library in order to study, or to the room where their exam is being held. So, for all of you that are struggling to make it out of this season, here are a few reminders for the coming exam week:

  1. Remember to sustain yourself. Food and drink are essential when studying. How can one earn amazing test scores on an empty stomach and a dehydrated brain? The answer is, you can’t! Try not to just eat Oreos and Gatorade, either…there are water fountains easily accessible!

  2. Go outside. It might be cold, but that’s no excuse. In fact, the chill might even wake you up. Fresh air can clear your mind and give you a nice break from staring at words or equations for 36 hours straight.

  3. Sleep. I know I just mentioned you being awake for 36 hours, but this is actually extremely unhelpful. You may think more time means more information is being crammed into your head, but not sleeping only makes you tired and forgetful. Sleeping helps your brain catalog information. Trust me, there comes a point where you truly cannot study any more, and you need to rest.

Hopefully, keeping these tips in mind, you can go forth like the hero you know you are and conquer all of those scantrons. Happy holidays!

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