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I always love it when I am surprised by movies. This post might turn into another “try new things” inspirational talk, but I think it’s intriguing how there can be a movie (or a book, song…anything really) that I have little to no interest in seeing, and then can turn into the opposite.

For example, when Mad Max: Fury Road came out a couple years ago, I had absolutely no interest in seeing it. I did end up going to the theater, though, and it’s now one of my favorite movies of all time. Personally, I don’t really care for movies like that usually—I enjoy action and car chases and violence sometimes, but it’s definitely not my go-to when I’m looking for a movie to watch. I think what happens in a situation like this is that the movie ends up being so good that I appreciate everything about it, even the aspects that I wouldn’t normally. Mad Max: Fury Road is generally accepted as a “good movie” even though I’m positive there are some who don’t like it (as there are with every movie). But when I went to the theater and saw the characters, stunt work, score, and effort that went into crafting the story, it didn’t matter that it was something I wouldn’t “normally” like. I loved it so much because it’s a great movie, and I was enthralled by the car chases and violence and most importantly, the story.

So when a movie gets amazing reviews, I would suggest giving it a watch and seeing if it’s for you. Maybe it’s not—I’ve definitely had my share of movies that “everyone” thinks is amazing but I can’t stand, or ones where “everyone” thinks it’s horrible but I love it. Even if I’d hated Mad Max, I think that I still would have appreciated what it was trying to do. So enjoy what you enjoy and try to find a new movie that might surprise you!

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