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How I Edit

Editing is often thought of as the worst part of writing. Surely, not all share the same opinion, but I have that mindset most of the time too. I would rather be writing something new than returning to something I’ve already written. While I find editing fun every once in a while, most of the time I dread it. Here, then, I will share some tips to make editing less arduous!

First of all, try to look at editing as something rewarding. Finishing a first draft is a wonderful feeling, but so is improving upon it. Getting better is a crucial part of writing, and without visiting old writing to see how to make it better now, the progress someone has made on their writing won’t be able to be seen very well.

Secondly, I try to take it a little bit at a time. Like with all writing, try to break it up. Doing it all at once will be exhausting. I often become sick of whatever it is I’m trying to improve, which is never helpful when I’m trying to mold it into something that I want to be proud of.

Lastly, try to get advice from others. This doesn’t mean, however, taking all the advice! Sometimes I don’t agree with what someone is telling me to fix—that’s okay. But it’s also important to get another point of view. If this is a piece that is eventually going to be shared, there shouldn’t be only one pair of eyes looking at it, because what they might not see someone else will. Editing can be annoying, but it is essential to any writing, and to improve as a writer!

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