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Why Homecoming Matters

And, no, I don’t mean the awkward, sweaty dance you sent your little brother or sister off to this weekend while you were home for fall break.

The phrase “Homecoming” brings back those memories of high school. The football game your school probably lost (maybe that was just mine?), that awkward dance that you thought was the time of your life, the dress you wish you’d listened to your mom about. You watched as your classmates paraded onto your football field during halftime of the homecoming game, then later, at the dance, have one lucky pair be announced king and queen. It brings back every high school rom-com you’ve ever seen, with the popular girl obsessed with winning the crown, her aloof jock boyfriend in tow. At Virginia Tech, this isn’t the case. Easily mistaken as a popularity contest, Homecoming court has a twist to it. It brings us back to something that ties us all together, and that’s our motto of Ut Prosim.

Get ready to see campaigns for Homecoming King and Queen all across campus this week. Each candidate is supported by an organization and stands for a platform based on a cause they hold near to their hearts. The King and Queen are given the opportunity to hold an event in honor of their platform, and really make a difference for their cause.

This year’s candidates are supporting causes that span all across the board. From battling hunger in the New River Valley, relationship violence, campus sexual assault, Alzheimer's, and aiding underprivileged youth, each candidate has a cause they are passionate about, and would love to help make a difference for. You can learn more about the individual candidates and their causes here:

In addition to the election of Homecoming King and Queen, the Homecoming board has been working impossibly hard all year for this week to be special. The Homecoming board is filled with passionate Hokies from all grades. “I love Homecoming because it brings out best in Hokies, both past and present,” said sophomore Allie Welham. “It just shows how much love and pride everyone has for Tech!”

Events this week include a campfire kickoff, a Yo Gotti concert, Adam Devine of Workaholics, and a 5K, all leading up to Saturday’s game against UNC. Learn more about this week’s events here:

Be sure to stop by candidates’ booths to learn more about their platforms this week! Happy Homecoming, Hokies!

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