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Smart Studying

With its lack of seating and cluttered atmosphere, the library isn’t the most ideal place to study. Whether you live on campus or off, it’s good to know where else you can go to cram for midterms.

Torgerson Bridge is always very quiet and has a higher chance of finding a seat than the library. The lighting can be a little dark but it makes for a nice quiet place to do those readings that were due three days ago.

As is Squires, if you go up to the third floor, they have couches and study corners that are perfect for studying. With limited distractions and nobody glaring at you for having a seat, you can accomplish a lot for however long you need!

If you live in a dorm, the study lounge is also a great place to go. You don’t even have to worry about putting on actual clothes, you can go in your pajamas and slippers, no one will care! And want to know the best part about the study lounges? They never close; you can stay for as long as you want! Even going to a friend’s dorm to study in their lounge is just as good! I’ll be honest, I spent 90% of my time in my dorm’s lounge studying for practically everything; it will become your second home.

If you live off campus in an apartment, than that is your library! It’s just as good as the study lounges, you don’t have to worry about proper clothes or shoes. You can spend as much time as you need with no worries of other people.


Can’t focus? Try playing classical music on a low volume! It sounds distracting but it increases your ability to study and helps you get really into the work you’re doing!

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