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Team Spirit

Teams all have different ways of showing their spirit. Personally, I love seeing any sort of school (or after-school team or activity) t-shirt, jacket, sweat pant, shorts, class ring…. There are so many different options for so many different people, so many ways to show class pride. I have a million cross-country and track and field t-shirts from my high school, but I also have a creative writing and Silhouette t-shirt from here at Tech.

Every school, whether elementary, middle, high, or college has their traditions. Virginia Tech has plenty, some better than others. I am personally biased to jumping to Enter Sandman. While I feel like this may be a standard answer, let me explain further: not only did I basically learn how football worked by coming to Virginia Tech games as a kid (as both of my parents graduated from here and took my siblings and I to see the team play all the time), but the support this tradition shows is literally overwhelming. Watching Tech jump for their players was the first way I learned how to cheer for a team. It might be a little ridiculous (Anyway, aren’t all traditions?), but it’s also a huge outpouring of community. No matter how different Tech students are, there is not a person in Lane Stadium standing still when the Hokies run onto the field. Even if that means someone falls off a bench and onto me (which happened last night).

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