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People struggle with a lot of things all the time, every day. Writers, like myself, grapple with writer’s block. Anyone, in any career path, certainly struggles with ups and downs associated to their work and life style. No matter what happens in a person’s life, it’s inherent that there’s going to be some sort of block at points, just like there are going to be periods of idea after idea after idea, of enthusiasm and easy living.

To continue with my somewhat inspirational theme I’ve had going on in the past few posts (because who doesn’t want to be all incredible and awe-inspiring), I’m going to address how I personally deal with writer’s block, or, more generally, any problem that may arise in my life, and how it’s actually a very productive and even helpful thing to go through.

The biggest thing I would say to conquer writer’s block is to write anyway. To keep trying and keep going, even if the ideas might not seem as good in the moment. There is always time to fix and reform them later. Again, even if someone isn’t a writer—an artist, or a chemist, or a historian, the same advice still applies: just keep working at it anyway.

If people merely give up, they end up moving nowhere and nothing ends up coming out of what’s been worked on. A truly fantastic finished product, like a novel, short story, or poem, is that way solely because so much effort has been put into it. In fact, without writer’s block or any struggles anywhere, finishing something would never be an accomplishment. There would never be a sense of satisfaction or pride. Any hardship, including writer’s block, may be a drag in the moment, but getting through it is what really shows off a person’s character and how hard they’re willing to work to create a masterpiece.

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