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Cleanliness is Key

It’s always nice to come home to a tidy little apartment with no shoes to trip over or a wrapper from the gum you had earlier on the living room rug. Especially for those living in a dorm--they aren’t big as it is, so clutter can be chaotic. Keeping your space clean can also give you a “cleaner” mindset, allowing you to be able to focus more on your studies and overall give you a stronger sense of routine.

I’ll admit, back home my room was a total mess--like a tornado swept through. However, now that I have my own space, I want to keep it clean (mainly because it’s mine). It’s where I crawl away into my desk corner to be a hermit for hours, and I want that space to be clean. It helps me to focus better on what I’m working on and makes a drastic difference in overall performance when my space is neat.

It’s certainly not hard to keep your living space clean; it only takes a little dedication. But, the overall outcome of having a clean space is very beneficial to increasing academic performances and one’s own well-being. Clean home, clean mind.

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