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Creative Organizations at VT Part 2: Dance, Art, Music, and Media

If fashion, comedy, and a capella (as discussed in part 1 of “Creative Organizations at VT”) aren’t your thing, but you still want to be involved in the creative community on campus, many other organizations are available for you to join.

Read on to find out about dance, art, and music clubs, as well as media organizations at Virginia Tech.

photo courtesy of Chrissy Lau

If you like to dance

There are about 20 organizations at Virginia Tech dedicated to dance. These dance clubs and teams encompass a variety of styles, so it takes a little exploring to find the best one for you. The following is just a sample of your options.

Ballet Project at Virginia Tech (BPVT)

If you like performing classical ballet, this is the organization for you. You must audition to be a member, but the dance company also holds free classes for both beginning and experienced dancers who want to learn ballet.

Ballroom Dance at Virginia Tech (BD at VT)

Maybe ballroom dance is more your style. BD at VT provides lessons for dancers of all experience levels who are interested in learning dances such as salsa, tango, waltz, and many more.

Contemporary Dance Ensemble (CDE)

CDE is a good group to join if you’re interested in dancing in several different styles. Members both perform and choreograph dances throughout the year and offer classes and workshops to the public.


Junoon is a competitive fusion dance team. Dances incorporate both modern American and traditional Indian elements.

Dancing’s Our Poison (DOP)

If, like Martha from High School Musical, you love to pop and lock and jam and break, you may want to join a hip-hop dance crew, such as DOP. DOP holds various performances throughout the year as well as weekly workshops.

If you’re just getting started

So maybe you have a creative hobby that you don’t think you’re very good at. That’s perfectly fine; there are still clubs you can join with no shame or judgment.

Amateur Musician Club at Virginia Tech

This club is for anyone who wants to get better at playing an instrument, jam with other musicians, or simply hang out and listen to music. All instruments and experience levels are welcome.

We Suck at Art Club

The name says it all. If your drawings look like stick figures (like mine do), but you still love art and want to learn how to create new things, then We Suck at Art Club could be a perfect match for you.

If you’re interested in media

The Educational Media Company at Virginia Tech (EMCVT) is a non-profit that houses five different student-run media organizations, including Silhouette Literary and Art Magazine. Joining one (or more) of these organizations can help you build your portfolio and make your voice heard.


Silhouette semi-annually publishes poetry, prose, art, design, and photography.

The Bugle

The Bugle is Virginia Tech’s award-winning yearbook and its oldest publication.

Collegiate Times (CT)

The Collegiate Times is Virginia Tech’s newspaper, both online and in print. The CT publishes a wide variety of stories, including sports, news, opinions, and lifestyles.


VTTV (as you may have guessed) is Virginia Tech’s television station. If you’re interested in being a broadcast journalist, VTTV is a good place to start.


WUVT is Virginia Tech’s radio station. In addition to providing a variety of programming, WUVT semi-annually releases a publication of poetry, art, and photography called The Woove.

With so many options, trying to find the right club for you may be overwhelming. Hopefully this list is a good place to start your search. Remember that while it makes sense to join an organization (creative or otherwise) that you know you’ll love, don’t be afraid to try something new.

Source: Chrissy Lau photo;

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