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Stress Relievers

Stress always becomes a sort of aroma in the air whenever one enters an educational setting. College, however, takes it to a whole other astral plane—not only for the workload, I think, but because the kids are no longer in a familiar area. Of course, the campus of Virginia Tech can come to resemble the tell-tale “home,” over time (helped by our cheeky catchphrase), but especially to new freshman (at least, I know this happened to me), the new environment can cause just as much stress as the new format and assignments of classes.

This is where stress relievers become helpful. Of course, these are different for everyone; art, exercise, counting to a hundred in your head, marathoning Netflix shows, venting to a friend, or writing haikus like this:

School is not very fun

I need food to cope with this

Pizza at midnight

Even for those who feel like their strengths are more in math and science, creative outlets can be important. While I love writing and it’s also a great joy and release in my life, sometimes I feel like I have written fifteen too many essays. Because of this, I also enjoy talking a history class so I’m not so overwhelmed by English. It inspires me and makes me feel creative in a different way because I’m learning about different things than usual. Even in my classes, which are under a Creative Major, when I’m writing or thinking of ideas for my own personal writing instead of that for assignments, it’s generally much more relaxing than sitting and fretting over the specific criteria for a six-page essay.

What I’m trying to convey here is that stress-relief is important, and that creativity is important. Not only is creativity or writing important in a work environment either—but a fantastic release of tension. Nothing sooths rage like slamming down adjectives on a computer keyboard (…or violent curse words; whatever’s needed).

At the beginning of the school year at Virginia Tech, I think this is one of the most important times for words. Or if words aren’t your thing, maybe for numbers. Whatever makes you feel happy and inspired outside of the monotonous life of a student. Hopefully, school is something inspiring too, but everyone needs a break from homework. Writing, or any creative outlet, is a great way to try and stay mentally healthy.

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