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Guest Photographer: Josh Ward

The Frogs of Costa Rica

"In December of 2023, I embarked on my first of three weeks this winter exploring Costa Rica, one of my all-time favorite countries to visit. For this particular week, myself and a close friend/former classmate of mine made it our goal to find as many rare or iconic species of reptiles and amphibians as we could, focusing on the rain-soaked Caribbean (eastern) slope of the country and the misty highlands down closer to Panama. With the help of tremendously experienced guides and certainly not a small amount of luck, we found dozens of species of these animals over seven days, including more than 40 different kinds of frogs. Getting to experience the splendor of these specialized, rare, and often endangered animals so closely was a tremendous privilege, and left us both with enough memories to last more than a lifetime."

all photos property of Joshua Ward.


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