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2023 Oscar Nominated Short Films: Animation Review

Last week, Josh and I took a trip to the Lyric to watch the 2023 Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films. Here are our reviews.

An Ostrich Told Me the World Is Fake and I Think I Believe It

Grace: Consolation for if you’ve ever felt like you were going crazy. If The Truman Show (theme) and Wallace and Gromit (animation) had an Australian baby. Fun, quirky film about inanimates being animate.

Josh: Toy Story for depressed adults. I love stop motion anything and this movie pays huge homage to the process of stop motion animation while still keeping an interesting narrative.

The Flying Sailor

Grace: Bodies through space. The Flying Sailor makes his foray in a new kind of navigation in a moment of total peace and grace. A person’s life is told through projectile motion. I cried.

Josh: Intergalactic tale of death and rebirth as far as I’m concerned.

Ice Merchants

Grace: An aeronautic exploration of family love and loss. Futuristic. Icy. The soundscape of this film is beautiful: wind whistling, ropes creaking, movement through air. My favorite of these five films by far.

Josh: A rare 15 minutes of perfection from start to finish.This movie beats all the other movies with your eyes closed because just the soundtrack puts it over the top. Insane amounts of world building and style in such a short runtime, but never slow or fluffy. Pointless to even talk about it. Just watch.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse

Grace: If inspirational quotes were a movie. Not for me. I really don’t understand how this is the film with the best ratings out of all of them, but it might have something to do with Idris Elba and Tom Hollander being the fox and the mole, respectively. The only things I liked about this movie were the silly mole animations and the angelic rendering of the white horse.

Josh: This is clearly the globalist elite government’s pick for best animated short of the year—no surprise as it has been distributed exclusively by Apple TV+ and BBC One, and is only available to stream on Apple TV (the only one of these not available for free on Vimeo or YouTube). Unfortunately the globalist lizard elite has bad taste in animated shorts because this was just a dislikable cast of talking animals saying vaguely inspiring quotes for thirty minutes. I could only assume this was for the purpose of being able to sell shirts, framed prints, etc. featuring calligraphy-drawn animals and a quote that has been taken out of context to the intended neoliberal, Montessori-school adults target audience.

Only there was never any context for these quotes to be taken out of because as previously stated, this movie is just a bunch of rapid-fire animal quotes with no substance. If you do not hear from me again, the globalist lizard elite got me.

My Year of Dicks

Grace: The changing animation styles throughout and the low-tech vibe capture the fervor of adolescence. It’s colorful and feels like summer—kissing and melting. Also satisfied my vampire fixation.


The hand-drawn video overlays reminded me of Joel Haver’s animations on youtube with the Charmin bears or the part from smiling friends where they go to the party so automatically I liked it. It was like one of these short sequences stretched out to twenty minutes and exploded in every possible direction but never dwells on anything and stays super funny and clever throughout.


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