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Want to Land that Job?

I recently had my first “adult job” interview. Sitting in the parking lot of the corporate headquarters of my dream company, I thought to myself, “I wish someone could tell me how to do this.”

So, here are a few things to know about what a job interview is REALLY like...

Interviewer looking at resume

Photo courtesy: BrandedResumes

They are not looking to scare you.

Through your own hard work and experiences, you landed a job interview. That’s huge! This is step one, though it may seem like a huge mountain to overcome. It’s important to remember that the company saw something in you, but the interviewer is not to blame if every question doesn’t go as planned. The goal of the initial interview is to find out more about how you carry yourself, how you manage your time, and how you plan to benefit the company. On occasion, the interviewer may ask you technical questions about the position, but this is typically reserved for a second interview. Speak to the interviewer with respect, but also keeping in mind that they are humans. They are more than likely not completely comfortable in the position either!

It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Once I finally convinced myself that it was time to enter the building for my interview, I sat down in the waiting room to a wide variety of outfit choices. Glancing around, I saw everything from short dresses to full suits. I cannot stress enough how important your outfit is to others’ perceptions of you. Think about it – dress for the job you want, not the job you have. And, please, if you don’t have a job yet, do not dress like a college student.

Bring extra everything.

When I completed my initial interview, the interviewer invited me to tour the office and to meet some of the employees. Thank goodness I had more than a few copies of my résumé, because I met quite a few important people and used it as an opportunity to share my qualifications. My point is, there is no fool-proof approach to a job interview. Some things are going to go exceptionally well, some things may not go as planned. You may be an excellent fit for the company, or it could be the wrong opportunity for you. Just remember, bring more copies of your résumé and extra deodorant.

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