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We Miss You Mac

It’s been nearly three weeks since the death of Mac Miller and I still cannot believe he is gone. He died at 26 which is extremely young and only slightly older than me. He had such talent and was an inspiration to his fans. His music was so versatile; he could get you pumped up to go out or comfort you when you were down.

The saddest part, for me, is watching Ariana Grande have to grieve his loss. People have been so harsh on her when it comes to Mac Miller. They blamed her when Mac got the DUIs in the spring and now they are blaming her for his death. Some say she should have stayed with him longer since she knew he was not okay. And those same people say that her engagement to Pete Davidson caused Mac to spiral out of control. This is not only unfair to Ariana but to others who are in relationships with individuals who suffer from substance abuse. Everybody is responsible for their own selves and for the decisions they make. It is also wrong to encourage someone to stay in a relationship where one person is unhappy or does not think it is beneficial to their well being to stay with that person.

Everytime I listen to an Ariana or Mac song, I listen to the words closely so I can try and piece together what their relationship really looked like. Also, I saw that Ariana is taking care of Mac’s dog and that broke my heart. I just hope she is doing okay and that Mac’s family is doing okay.

Mac, I am so into you but I got no more tears left to cry. I need to practice some self care so goodnight n go have a good weekend.

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