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This Month at Moss Arts

As we kick off the month of October, Moss Arts Center begins another month of noteworthy and interactive events. Here’s a look into some of this month’s performances and exhibits!

Coming up this Friday, October 6th, Moss welcomes Third Coast Percussion: “Lyrical Geometry” to the Anne and Ellen Fife Theatre. Third Coast Percussion, hailing from Chicago, is a quartet of percussionists. The ensemble most notably won a Grammy Award for Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance for their third album. They’re known for both their unique performances as well as their teaching and education programs, geared towards youth. Tickets are $10 for Virginia Tech students and can be purchased through the Moss Arts Center website.

Sunday, October 8th, the Virginia Tech Wind Ensemble and Symphony Band will be performing at 3:00. Tickets are $7 for students. Come support your fellow students, and see what the Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts has been working on!

Again from Chicago, Moss will be welcoming Lucky Plush Productions on Friday, October 13th with their show, “Trip the Light Fantastic: The Making of SuperStrip.” Described as a dance-theatre company, the group is known for it’s social commentary and humor, as well as their expert choreography. Students can purchase tickets for $10 through the Moss Arts Center website.

On Friday, October 27, Jenny Scheinmen with the show “Kannapolis: A Moving Portrait” come to Moss. Scheinman is a California-based musician. In addition to being a violinist and a fiddler, she sings and writes her own songs. “Kannapolis” combines live folk music with a multimedia showcase of footage of Depression-era small towns. Again, students may purchase tickets for $10.

Learn more about Moss Arts Center, purchase tickets, and view the comprehensive performance schedule at!

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